Custom Irish Coins
10.00 - 75.00

Irish Myth & Legend Coins

Irish Myth & Legend Coins

Irish Myth & Legend Coins designed in Ireland, for those who wish to hold a tangible connection to the spirit of this ancient land.

Ireland's culture is one that reflects a rich history of storytelling from the tales of Tír na nÓg, to the stories of the Banshee. The rich oral tradition used to pass legends and myths down from one generation to the next still continues. Custom Irish Coins invites you to carry and share the story with your very own piece of authentic Irish folklore.

All Irish Myth & Legend Coins are 1.53" (39mm) in diameter and .098" (2.5mm) thick. Coins are offered in three unique finishes.

All Coins start with a solid brass alloy and are then finished in either Antique Nickel, Antique Bronze or Antique Copper.